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The Kings Theatre

Work Inspired by the historic Kings Theatre and old YWCA building in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

I have a personal interest in the future of the site as I used to have a studio in the front of the building. 

After a tour of the now derilect building I made work

in response to the site. I took a lot of photographs of the vast interior including the empty studios. 


I also incorporated found objects from the building into my work. These included items from the time the building was a cinema. 70's popcorn cartons, ticket tape, keys and an old exit sign.


I received a VACMA Scotland grant and Funding from Creative Scotland, Fife Council and Fife Cultural Trust.

'Popcorn pigeon' exhibited in the building






'Hanging out'  I took a small series of photographs in this empty room which had a huge broken mirror on one wall. On an impulse I asked a woman who happened to be visiting if she wouldn't mind standing in the room. I like the ambiguous qualities of these photographs.   

IMG_0866 2.jpeg
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