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The Admiral's studio

Taku-hon or Taban printing has been recorded since the second-century and is the earliest form of printed mark-making to be recorded. It was used to record inscriptions and texts on stone monuments, in situ and without damaging the often sacred surface. 

I was on a recent two week residency in Skye staying at The Admirals house run by WASPS Artists Studios.

In the former Admiral’s studio where I was working there was a lovely old desk with a battered and worn leather top. I became fixated with it and eventually took a direct print from the surface using this ancient method of printmaking. It seems apt that it resembles some kind of sea map with unchartered islands and waters.

I have always experimented with low tech printing methods and also took a range of gelli plates with me to print with (there is no need for a press) and made some nature prints with plants and leaves from the garden.

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